The two most popular reasons to get a hosting server of your own are when a shared website hosting account can't cope with the load of the Internet sites hosted in it or if the sites demand particular software to be operating on the hosting server, but it can't be installed on a shared hosting server. In these scenarios you can get your own hosting server, but this also means you shall be responsible for its maintenance, which isn't so with a shared website hosting server where the service provider carries out everything. In this light, we have introduced a Managed Services upgrade, which may be added to any of our web server plans if you don't have the time or the expertise to deal with your machine. Our system admins shall install and troubleshoot software, update your OS and much more as to supply you with the chance to focus on building your Internet sites as opposed to dealing with various maintenance tasks.
Managed Services Package in VPS Hosting
You'll be able to purchase the Managed Services upgrade for any of our virtual private server plans either during the signup procedure or later on via your billing account if you need it. You could also decide if you will do this only one time and not renew the upgrade the subsequent month or if you'll use the service for as long as you employ the VPS since a variety of things are included. For instance, if you install some software on the machine and something bad happens, we'll be able to restore everything the way it was since the Managed Services pack includes conventional backups of the whole VPS. Also, our administrators will keep an eye on the server and the processes running on it, so they could reboot it when necessary. They can also set up any third-party program which you need or troubleshoot a script application that does not work efficiently. They will also ensure that your VPS works as well as possible as they will update the OS using the latest security updates that are introduced.
Managed Services Package in Dedicated Web Hosting
The Managed Services upgrade can be added to any of the dedicated web hosting that we offer and it takes simply a click to complete that during the server signup or within your billing Control Panel at any point in time. You could also choose if you will get the upgrade only one time or if you will use it continuously since it provides a lot of useful services. We'll keep a backup of 50 Gigabytes of content on an individual machine, so in the event that anything breaks down, we can restore the information. We will also make sure that the server will perform at its best because we will keep an eye on it, reboot it when required, and we shall install all the newest performance and security updates for the Operating System that you have chosen. Also, our system administrators can perform 30 minutes custom work on your machine, which is enough for nearly all tasks. This includes installing or troubleshooting apps from third-party companies, custom software settings, and so forth. That way, you can take full advantage of a dedicated hosting server even if you do not have previous experience with this kind of web hosting.